International Meetup

Party   Kanagawa

Let's eat and drink at Kawasaki Hostel On the Marks! 
Visit new places, meet new people, gain access to new perspectives, discover tomorrow. Whether your travel goal is to feel at home while visiting a new city, to experience the thrill of the hustle and bustle of the 
Tokyo metropolitan area, to take some time off before heading for your next destination, or to rest up in one of our soft beds, at ON THE MARKS our standard is to make you feel comfortable.

Our restaurants main specialty is meat, one of Kawasaki's main sources of food culture. Prepared with Japanese spices and essences and smoked to perfection, the menu at ON THE MARKS is sure satisfy your pallate.


【Kawasaki Hostel On the Marks at 7:00PM】
※If you're going to be late or oversleep or whenever you want/need to contact us, message

4,000 yen for participation
※On-line payment.

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Bookings are no longer available for this event.