Samurai Meetups Tour ーEDO-KIRIKO 江戸切子ー

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              Samurai Meetups Tour

            ーEDO-KIRIKO 江戸切子ー


Come and experience Japanese Edo-Kiriko (Japanese traditional glass crafting, which dates back to Edo era, approx 200 years ago.) with Soukichi(創吉).
Have you ever felt:
◎That when you take pictures of beautifully presented cuisine, perfectly sculptured gardens, and sacred shrines taken during your visit in Japan, you want to know the history and truth behind what you are seeing?
◎Baffled about why things are done or presented a certain way at a certain time but are not able to ask the locals or speak to them in depth?
◎You’ve always wanted to experience Japan’s local culture and what life for real Japanese people is like but have never had the chance?

■Making your own Edo Kirkuk glass

It is a traditional but also modern practice, and will surely be an experience to remember!

【Asakusa station(浅草駅) Exit A4(Ground level) at 14:40】
■Access: Asakusa line(浅草線), Ginza line(銀座線)
※Please contact us if you are running late.

●Soukichi (創吉)
●What is "EDO-KIRIKO"?
Edo Kiriko is a glass craft whose practice has been passed down through the generations in Tokyo. In Edo (present-day Tokyo) in 1824, Kyubei Kagaya started exploring the technique of cutting patterns into the surface of glass.

4,000 yen for participation

Booking SMU Tour

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Apr 7th,2019

14:40 Meetup @Asakusa Station Exit A4
■15:00~16:30 Making EDO-KIRIKO@Sokichi 


Event Organizer Information

Samurai Meetups is an NPO non profit organization whose objective is to help Japan become a nation where foreign tourists and visitors can have unforgettable and unique experiences. This is being achieved through creating opportunities where local areas and everyday culture of Japan can be intimately experienced with the ever growing network of specialists in Japanese culture.
Instead of just imagining what it would be like, come, and experience first-hand the true Japanese spirit as no foreigner has ever experienced before!
For more information, visit our Facebook page! We've uploaded some photos and articles.