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Come and experience Japanese ZEN (the Japanese traditional mentality that all be integrated into the universe) culrure! We will practice Zen mediation and Japanese calligraphy at Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple(成田山新勝寺). Also you can try Traditional Japanese Buddhist Cuisine(Shojin Ryori). The purpose of this tour is to integrate Zen into the everyday lives of people. Let's come and join us! 🙂
Have you ever felt:
◎Pictures of beautifully presented cuisine, perfectly sculptured garden, sacred shrine emitting a divine radiance, taken during your visit in Japan could be even further enriched with knowledge of their story that lay in the background?
◎Baffled about why things are done or presented in a certain way at a certain time but do not possess the articulacy in the local language to express it?
◎You’ve always wanted to experience first-hand the true Japanese culture as it has by the locals but have never gotten the chance? 
Join us! At Samurai Meetups and satisfy your desire and thirst for knowledge quenched!  
【Narita Transit Program Booth at 1st floor of Narita Airport 1st Terminal at 10AM】
成田空港第一ターミナル1Fビジターサービスセンター内のNarita Transit & Stay Program カウンター集合でお願い致します。
※If you're going to be late or oversleep or whenever you want/need to contact us, message


● 10:00AM Let’s meetup in front of Narita Transit Program Booth at 2nd floor of Narita Airport 2nd Terminal
● 10:45-11:30 Walk around the temple with local guided
● 11:30-12:30 Traditional Japanese Buddhist Cuisine(Shojin Ryori) Experience
● 12:30-14:00 Zen meditation & Calligraphy Experience
● 15:00 Going back to Narita Airport

1,500 yen for participation
※Transportation cost not included.

Booking SMU Tour

Bookings are no longer available for this event.

□■━━━━━━━IMPORTANT NOTICE━━━━━━━■□
※1 Please ensure that you return to Narita Airport two hours before your next departure. Traffic conditions, tour conditions, weather, and unexpected problems may cause delays in returning to the airport. We shall not be held responsible for passengers who miss their connecting flights. Please remember that it is the responsibility of each participant to return to the airport in time for their flights.
※2 You are free to do shopping during guided tour. However, please be mindful of the restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels(LAGs) of over 100 ml in content to be brought in your hand language on board aircraft, and taking agricultural produce into another country may also be restricted. Be sure to keep these things in mind when making purchases, as you are responsible for all purchased items. Weight limits for items that can be carried with you onto the aircraft may differ from airline to airline. A large amount of excess baggage charge may be levied when the weight limit is exceeded, so make sure to check with your airline for details.
※3 Please do keep your respect for SAMURAIs.
※4 Please follow the instructions of the guide during the tour.
※5 Do not invite any type of business, other events, or religion without permission of staffs.
※6 We can not guarantee any damage, loss, or trouble in those events.
※7 We reserve the right to refuse any participants in our related events who do not keep to the rules, morals and manners.
※8 Please agree to allow pictures and videos of participants taken during the tour to be posted on Samurai Meersups homepage, Facebook, and any advertising documents.
※9 If you become separated from the guide during the tour, please check the information map and return to the airport reception desk by the scheduled time. Those who have means to contact the reception desk should let them know as soon as possible.
□■━━━━━━━GROUP INFORMATION━━━━━━■□
Samurai Meetups is an NPO non profit organization whose objective is to help Japan become a nation where foreign tourists and visitors can have unforgettable and unique experiences. This is being achieved through creating opportunities where local areas and everyday culture of Japan can be intimately experienced with the ever growing network of specialists in Japanese culture.
Instead of just imagining what it would be like, come, and experience first-hand the true Japanese spirit as no foreigner has ever experienced before!
For more information, visit our official website! We've uploaded some photos and articles.