Kendo Samurai Experience Meetup at Kawasaki

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Kendo(剣道), literally "sword path", is the modern version of the kenjutsu, the sword fencing practiced in Japan by the samurai. By modern version it means that the kendo is not only a martial art but also a sport of competition, today widely practiced in the world. Kendo, however, is not limited to a simple set of techniques and tactics of the sword fight. It also includes a spiritual component. Kendo allows practitioners to develop their strength of character and determination. The contestants wear a Kendo protector which is the armor that protects the targeted body parts, thereby limiting the risk of injuries during training or combat. For the offensive part a bamboo sword ,called "shinai" in Japanese, is used as the main weapon.

Have you ever felt:
◎Pictures of that beautifully presented cuisine, that perfectly sculptured garden, that sacred shrine emitting a divine radiance, taken during your visit in Japan could be even further enriched with knowledge of their story that lay in the background?
◎Baffled about why things are done or presented a certain way at a certain time but do not possess the articulacy in the local language to express it?
◎You’ve always wanted to experience first-hand the true Japanese culture as felt by the locals but have never gotten the chance to?

Join us! At Samurai Meetups and see desire satisfied and thirst for knowledge quenched!  


 Outline of this event

We provide genuine Samurai experience in Tokyo!

The experience allows you to work with a professional Kendo instructor. From basic etiquette skills of “Kendo“ to learning about and using armor, you will be provided a varied Kendo experience that is perfect for a first visit to Japan. After learning the basics, the next step is to wield a real katana, and use it to cut though a goza mat. We will place the goza mat vertically on a special stand and you can put your sword skills to the test.

・SAMURAI culture instruction

・Practical guidance by a well trained guide

・Guide demonstration

・Tournament style combat game

・Wield a real Katana (Japanese sword)


Participation fee

- 10,000 yen for Kendo Samurai Experience

Booking SMU Tour

Bookings are no longer available for this event.


Event Organizer Information

Samurai Meetups is an NPO non profit organization whose objective is to help Japan become a nation where foreign tourists and visitors can have unforgettable and unique experiences. This is being achieved through creating opportunities where local areas and everyday culture of Japan can be intimately experienced with the ever growing network of specialists in Japanese culture.
Instead of just imagining what it would be like, come, and experience first-hand the true Japanese spirit as no foreigner has ever experienced before!
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