Kawasaki City Walking Tour with locals

Local   Kanagawa

Kawasaki city represents the face of modern Japan based on the huge selection of fascinating shopping malls and restaurants that it has offer. There are many historic sites and sceneries in Kawasaki city where you can truly enjoy unique Japanese culture and the mother nature by visiting temples, traditional theaters, lush greenery parks, ancient houses and hot springs. Kawasaki city is home to the Keihin industrial area that is known as one of the biggest industrial areas in Japan. There are a number of facilities for you to experience the newest technology invented in Japan. On this tour, local guides will show you all the hidden gems of Kawasaki city. Why don't you come and join us! 

12:00 Meeting at On the Marks
12:30 Visiting Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple
13:00 Strolling around Kawasaki Daishi Nakamise-dori Street
13:15 Visiting Kanayama Shrine
14:00 Participating Asian Food Festival
14:30 Coming back to On the Marks
16:30 Meeting at On the Marks
16:45 Visiting Kawasaki Warehorse
17:15 Strolling around Nisshin-cho Town
18:00 Visiting LA CITTADELLA
18:30 Participating Asian Food Festival
19:00 Coming back to On the Marks

【Kawasaki Hostel On the Marks at 12:00PM / 16:30PM】
※If you're going to be late or oversleep or whenever you want/need to contact us, message info@samuraimeetups.or.jp

1,000 yen for participation
※On-line payment.
※Transportation cost is not inclueded

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