Japanese Flower Arrangement

Local   Kanagawa

I will teach you how to create an herbarium—a new and charming home decor item that uses flowers, oil, and glass. I'll give you two bottles and instruct you on how to beautifully finish them. You'll be able to choose from 20 kinds of flower materials and five types of bottles. The liquid to fill the bottles is a special mineral oil used exclusively for herbarium. You'll immerse your dried flowers and preserved flowers, and the beautiful coloring should last about half a year. This is the perfect experience for people who want to decorate interiors with flowers, but find them hard to care for as they dry quickly. Herbariums are easy to maintain, and just one can make a room gorgeous. It's also compact and convenient to carry, and with the many design variations, it is highly recommended as a gift. It's also a healing experience to decorate it in the place where you see it, such as on an office desk or in the kitchen. The herbarium will make a nice souvenir of your memories of Japan.

【Kawasaki Hostel On the Marks at 14:30PM】
※If you're going to be late or oversleep or whenever you want/need to contact us, message info@samuraimeetups.or.jp

5,000 yen for participation
※On-line payment.

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