Izu-Oshima Tsubaki Lantern Festival

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We are going to hold the Camellia lanterns light up Festival again in the Izu-Oshima Island this year. With the help and kindness of the town office of the Izu-Oshima district, and many citizens from the Oshima region, we were able to make 1000 camellia lanterns shined beautifully in the camellia garden. We are wishing that you can come and enjoy the amazing magic zone. You can take the lanterns back home after the event is finished and light it up in your room. It would be our great honor if you could share your feelings and pictures about this event on facebook or twitter. Please come and have a great fun with us. We are looking forward to you coming!


Tsubaki-Hana garden

- Address: Tsubaitsuki-41-1 Motomachi, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo  100-0101

- Access: 2 hours from Tokyo by high-speed jet ferry.