Inbound League Reception PARTY

Party   Tokyo

Friday, October 20, 2017 we will open a new venue where global & local business people will gather, work and collaborate with each other. We will be holding a reception party to celebrate the Grand Opening. Feel free to join us with your friends!

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Recommended for those who…

◎Pictures of that beautifully presented cuisine, that perfectly sculptured garden, that sacred shrine emitting a divine radiance, taken during your visit in Japan could be even further enriched with knowledge of their story that lay in the background?
◎Baffled about why things are done or presented a certain way at a certain time but do not possess the articulacy in the local language to express it?
◎You’ve always wanted to experience first-hand the true Japanese culture as felt by the locals but have never gotten the chance to?

Outline of the event

【Date & Time schedule】
2017/10/20 (Fri) 19:00〜22:00(18:30 start accepting)

5-15-14, Shinjuku, Shinju-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 

■Local food tasting and drinks! (150sets only/ free) 
①Japanese local dishes from Okinawa prefecture and Shiga Prefecture
②Japanese Sake from Shiga prefecture
③burriTOKYO made with authentic Tokyo ingredients
You can taste above foods for free. Please kindly be sure that we have 150 sets only. You can purchase other beverages (beers, softdrinks) as well at ther counter. Enjoy!

■Unveiling wall art and the hanging scroll as part of the Japanese style theme – the art provided by TENGU WORKS.

■<Beers for Books>Craft Beer and Japanese Sparkling Sake 500JPY each.
※ “Beers for Books ” which has been held in 15 countries within America, Europe, and Asia.The money raised from the charity event will be sent to developing countries for purchasing treasured books via “Room to Read” 

■Private Viewing INBOUND LEAGUE 1F, 3F, 8F

■Music from our event DJ.

【Registration Capacity】Only 100 guests

※Registration is on first come first served basis.

Booking SMU Tour

Bookings are no longer available for this event.


UDS Ltd. Community Coordinate Department, Matsuoka)