Harvest Festival at Katori Jingu Shrine

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At the famous shrine "Katori Jingu Shrine" in Katori City, a festival of good harvest will be held, as a gesture of gratitude for the thirty-three gods of the shrine of Izumo Taisha Shimane prefecture. At these shrines, you can see many “Shinsen” (types of shelves/trays used to display many types of foods and other goods). which are carried towards the shrines, and the festival is held in a majestic atmosphere with the bonfires blazing. Yamato Mai (a type of dance and song performance usually with four dancers that used to be held during


Katori Jingu Shrine

- Address: 1697-1, Katori, Katori City, Chiba  287-0017

- Access: 25mins from JR Katori Station on foot