Matcha Japanese Calligraphy

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Green Tea Ink Japanese Calligraphy by Japanese Calligraphy Master Shoran.

Master Calligrapher Shoran Oba , working around the world , provide the Japanese Calligraphy Experiences for beginners at this event. We can learn how to writing and history of Japanese Calligraphy , and also circumstances of Calligraphy in the world. In addiction to Japanese Calligraphy Experience , we are able to try writing with indian ink mixed matcha powder. Feel free to participate and let’s experience the Japanese Calligraphy !

Recommended for those who…

◎Pictures of that beautifully presented cuisine, that perfectly sculptured garden, that sacred shrine emitting a divine radiance, taken during your visit in Japan could be even further enriched with knowledge of their story that lay in the background?
◎Baffled about why things are done or presented a certain way at a certain time but do not possess the articulacy in the local language to express it?
◎You’ve always wanted to experience first-hand the true Japanese culture as felt by the locals but have never gotten the chance to?

Outline of the event

【Date & Time schedule】
2017/10/22 (Sun)

【Place】INBOUND LEAGUE 1st floor
5-15-14, Shinjuku, Shinju-ku, Tokyo  160-0022


-Introduction of Japanese Calligraphy and History of Calligraphy
-Practice writing Chinese character
-Special experience with Indian ink mixed Matcha
-Photo shooting with all participants and concverstion

【Registration Capacity】Only 30 guests
※Be sure to register at the registration page above, not just comment on Facebook.
※Registration is on first come first served basis.

【Participation Fee】5,000 yen

Booking SMU Tour

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Caligrapher Shoran Ohba

Calligrapher Shoran Ohba was born in Japan, but educated in Australia and the U.S. She graduated from Irvine Valley College and SUNY Plattsburgh with BA degree.
After working for three years as a flight attendant of All Nippon Airways in Japan, Shoran decided to become calligraphy master because she grew up in calligraphy environment and influenced by Master Calligrapher of her grand farther.
She attended the Japan Calligraphy Academy (Nippon Kyoiku Shodo Geijutuin) in Tokyo and studied under supervision of renowned calligraphy master.
With the credential of the academy, Shoran opened her calligraphy school in Japan.
Shoran was visiting California with Cultural Exchange Artist Visa issued by the U.S. State Department. She also do package, interior and many other types of design.


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