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EMBLEM Hostel Nishiarai is

Emblem Hostel Nishi-Arai has capacity for 182 individuals, and is one of the largest hostels in the city providing opportunities for making friends and cultural exchanges. For us that work here, we call ourselves “connectors” and our ethos is bringing individuals and regions together, as well as ourselves.

There are various events that take place in the hostel to facilitate connecting people and facilitating exchanges. With the cooperation of representatives of various regions, there are events including a Nishi Arai walking tour, international exchanges, sushi making experiences, Japanese green tea workshops, calligraphy workshops and more. These numerous events are held so that more have the opportunity to feel and experience “Nishi Arai”, “Adachi-ku”, “Tokyo” and Japan.

How to enjoy

  • A hostel brining people and places together through unique experiences

    This is a hostel that aims to bring connectors, guests and places together through cultural workshops and exchange events. The hotel is walking distance from Daishi Nishi-arai and there is a great downtown atmosphere.

Owner's Message

The objective of Emblem Hostel is to “Create an enjoyable hotel experience with the theme of connecting people together”. This creates a unique selling point of the hotel as being one that brings people and places together. We believe that trips are not about just visiting places in a guidebook and sightseeing, but gaining an insight into the real lifestyle of local people as well as opportunities to meet and connect with local people. We believe that such experiences will create an unforgettable trip experience. In order to achieve this, the above-mentioned workshops and events will be held while having our connectors bring people together in the process.

Message From Members

  • Aki

    I am Aki, a language aficionado! Apart from Japanese, I also speak English, Estonian and Russian. I also dabble in various other languages. I also love going on trips and I have experienced the backpacker life. Even now I sometimes enjoy going on trips. I sincerely hope that the guests of Emblem Hostel can truly experience the excitement of downtown life as well as the atmosphere of Nishi Arai. I welcome discussions around languages and unexplored areas!

  • Ayako

    I’m Ayako, and I’m currently doing my very best to advertise how great Emblem Café is! The word “hello” brings people from all countries together, and I’d love to convey the experience of making friends through experiences abroad to many people! Hopefully you will feel like that you would like to see a similar café in your own hometown. Allow me to help you connect with people from around the world, I’ll be waiting for you!

  • Eriko

    My name is Eriko, and I am the café and bar catering manager. The signature dish of Emblem is Hamburgers! It is a popular favourite with locals and foreign visitors alike. I myself am also a big fan of the Emblem hamburger, so I’m always trying to find different ways to make the best buns and meat patty, so the recipe is ever-evolving! Through our signature hamburgers, I hope to make our establishment somewhere full of smiling and laughing guests, having a great time!

  • Mai

    My name is Mai, and I am the local community manager for Emblem Hostel. I primarily work with providing the best information about Nishi-Arai and its attractions, as well as bringing people from various regions together and organizing events. I love going on trips, public baths and red lantern Izakayas! I’m looking forward to seeing you all and holding many exciting events!

  • Ryuta(Left)

    I am Ryuta, in charge of Barbecue and Camp events. As someone who loves the outdoors, I hope to make Emblem a place that is known and loved by many people around the world, especially through holding barbecues on our 3 floor terrace. Recently I also borrowed a light camper recently and went on my own trip. I warmly welcome friends to join our Nishi Arai camping events!

Present for you

If you show this coupon on check in, you will be able to receive a free breakfast one time during your stay, which would normally be 300 yen.