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Visiting The Beach In Japan: Places, Uminoie, Games and Manners(Part 1)

The weather is getting gradually warmer as summer is approaching.

With the heat island phenomenon and global warming, there have been instances of those suffering from record breaking hot days in recent years. For someone who works in an urban area like me, this weather can be quite stressful in a crowded place even for a few minutes! However, as Japan is surrounding by many beautiful seas, sea bathing is an easily accessible respite from the hustle and bustle, where you can make the most of the summer days.

I will introduce some of the best ways to experience sun bathing in Japan.

This article is split into two parts, so be sure to check out part 2 as well!

1) The top 5 most beautiful beaches in the Kanto region

There are many wonderful beaches in the Kanto region alone. I will introduce to you the top 5 most beautiful beaches in Kanto region according to the “Trip advisor gallery”.

Tatadohama beach(多々戸浜海): Shizuoka Prefecture

Iritahama beach(入田浜海水浴場): Shizuoka Prefecture

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Kisamioohama beach(吉佐美大浜海水浴場): Shizuoka Prefecture

Isshiki beach(一色海岸)

Shirahama beach(白浜海岸)

You will find that the most popular beaches are concentrated within Shizuoka prefecture and Kanagawa prefectures. You can access these places from Tokyo station in just 2-3 hours by rail or highway. Of course in addition to these places, there are many famous beaches such as 湘南(Shonan beach), 三浦(Miura beach) and 伊豆(Izu beach). Since resort hotels are nearby the famous beaches, there are hot springs and sea food restaurants aplenty to enjoy as well.

2) Making use of  "海の家(Uminoie)”

When you arrive at the beach, what do you normally do first. You may store your clothes in a locker or safe area and wash your hands. “海の家(Uminoie) ”provides a facility for such maters.

“海の家”means beach house, and provides you with a locker, shower, toilet, Wi-Fi, food and drinks. Food includes BBQ, Sashimi, Japanese fried noodles and shaved ice. Drinks include soft drink as well as alcohol. You can also rent or buy items and toys to have fun with at the beach. You can borrow things such as a sun parasol, beach chairs, rubber rings, beach balls, sunscreen, swimsuits, goggles, surf board and even a snorkeling set. The approximate average cost of using an umi no e is as follows:

・Usage fee
Adult: 1,000JPY~2,000 JPY per day, Child: 500JPY~1,000JPY per day. It includes a locker, hot shower, rest place, and air pump. If you only want to use the shower,  there may be a cheaper usage fee available.

Average food cost is about 1,000 JPY per person. BBQ can be a bit pricey, 2,000JPY~4,000JPY per person

Soft drink: 200JPY~500JPY includes ice tea, Coke etc.
Alcohol: 500JPY~1,000JPY includes beer etc.

Parasol, swim ring, beach ball: 1,000JPY~2,000JPY per day

500JPY~5,000JPY per item

And finally, the most important thing to know about finding the beach house is to look out for the unusually attractive muscly guy or sexy beach girl shouting loudly to invite customers to use the beach house. Once you find them, they will take you to the beach house. One word of warning though, be aware of the beach pick-up artists or girl hunters, who can look somewhat similar. Don't miss part 2