Enjoying J-pop Artists’ Live Concerts! ーHow to Buy a Ticket and Have Fun

Are any of you interested in Japanese musicians’ concerts? Do you know how to get a ticket? Do you know about etiquette when attending a concert? Buying tickets for concerts in Japan can be different from other countries. Also, the etiquette during concerts is different. This article will look at going to a J-pop artists’ concert.

How to buy tickets

For most concerts in Japan, tickets are sold through at least one of the major online ticket retailers like Ticket Pia, Lawson tickets, or e+, which is similar to Ticketmaster in other countries. However, none of them provide English or other foreign language services.

In addition, concerts of very popular musicians are very difficult to obtain as they are often decided by a lottery system. However, there is one site that is in English and where you can get a ticket. This site is Japan Concert Tickets. (

They will help you with buying a ticket for Japanese musicians’ concerts held in Japan.

To enjoy the concerts

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In other countries, we are allowed to take pictures or videos with your cell phone. However taking pictures or videos are strictly prohibited at Japanese musicians’ concerts. Therefore there will be inspections of your belongings before you enter the hall, and you will be instructed to turn off the phone.

If you are going to concerts with your friends or your partner, for example, it would be considered inappropriate to give someone a piggy back on your shoulders or vice versa, as it would block the view of others. High heels are similarly prohibited as these can injure other people’s feet.

In terms of what to bring it’s always good to bring penlights if you have time until the concert starts. Most people bring penlights for the concerts. You can get one at 100yen shops.

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If you have any questions or something you don’t understand, this site will help you out. 

Now you can enjoy the concerts of your favorite Japanese artists!

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