I Don’t Have any Cash on Me! 3 Places to Go if Your Wallet is Empty

Have you ever been on a trip where you’ve encountered difficulties not having cash on you when you need it the most? Japan is still quite a cash society where card payments are less common than in some other countries. Due to this, some famous tourist spots and independent shops will only accept cash payments. Further, many Japanese ATMs will not accept foreign cards. This article will therefore introduce three convenient spots which allow you to obtain cash, even with foreign debit or credit cards.

Seven Bank

Seven Eleven has 61,554 stores (as of December 2016) and is one of the largest convenience store chains worldwide. They can be easily spotted with their distinctive green and orange logo. Most Seven Eleven convenience stores have banking and ATM facilities as well as in international airports. As the convenience stores are open 24 hours, they are available at any time for withdrawing money.

Number of stores in Japan

Around 23,000 (as of December 2016) Foreign cards accepted in all stores


All main international airports、Seven Eleven Convenience stores、Department store (Sogo / Seibu)、Supermarkets (Ito-Yokado, Loft), Outlets (Gotemba, Minami-Osawa etc.)

Cards accepted 

VISA, Master Card, China UnionPay, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club

Available time zone

Supported languages 

12 Languages (English and Japanese, Chinese (simplified Chinese), Chinese (Traditional Chinese), Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, French, German, Portuguese)

How to use an ATM

Japan Post Bank

The post office has around 24,100 branches in Japan where banking services are provided. Recently, the post office banking machines have been introduced into some convenience stores such as Family Mart, making them more widely available.  

Number of branches

27,300 (as of March 2016) Foreign cards can be used at all Post office ATMS


Post offices and Convenience stores (Family mart) Link to locations of post office ATMs in tourist destinations

Cards accepted

VISA、Master Card、American Express、Diners Club、JCB、中国銀聯、DISCOVER


Mon-Sat (Excluding public holidays)AM 0:05 〜 PM 11:55
Sundays · Publics holidays and New Year's EveAM 0:05 〜 PM 09:00
1-3 JanAM 07:00 〜 PM 09:00

Available languages

2 Lauguages (Japanese/English)

How to use

Foreign currency exchange services in Japanese megabanks

In Japan there are three megabanks (Mitsui Sumitomo, Mitsubishi UFJ and Mizuho). The exchange services and cards available and opening times vary by bank, so the details of these are provided in the links below.

・Mitsui Sumitomo



As Japan is still quite a cash based society, it’s definitely recommended to keep sufficient amounts of cash with you when travelling! 

We hope that this article helps you during those times when you run short of cash.

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