Takizawa Honten: The Closest Sake Brewery to Narita Airport

You surely know about Narita International Airport, the biggest Japanese airport, but do you know about Narita City?  Located near the airport, it provides a wonderful Japanese experience.

In particular, we received a large response to our previous article about Top 10 reasons to visit Narita City, underlying its popularity.

In this article, we will introduce Takizawa Honten(滝沢本店), the closest Sake Brewery to Narita International Airport!

History of Takizawa Honten(滝沢本店)

Naritasan(成田山) was popular as a sacred place of in Kanto since the Edo era, where pilgrimages were very popular. When the modern railroad was built and Keisei train line first started operating, it became a more vibrant and bustling area, with various eating and drinking establishments, inns and other popular places.

When Takizawa Makoto originally made the pilgrimage in the Edo era and stayed in the area, he was visited by “Fudo-sama” (Buddhist object of faith) in a dream telling him to make sake in the town where he was staying, in anticipation of the development potential of the area. He opened a liquor store at next to where a famous granite Torii (shrine gate) was stood at the time, and started making sake with the high-quality rice from the neighborhood.

What is Chomeisen(長命泉) ?

Shortly thereafter, the reputation that the well water of the Sake brewery being pure and drinkable spread widely, and even in the present day as we visit, people often drop by to sample its taste, and there are various stories of how the water cured illnesses, extended life or brought back vigour. It was from this that the name of “Chomeisen(長命泉: long life sake)” started, inferring the elixir-like qualities of the water used in its manufacture. 

The well continues to yield the same pure water, never drying out, as if the water itself is given the sacred power of long life.

Japanese Sake List

If you have a chance to visit Narita City, please try it out!

Freshly made Funakuchi Chomeisen(長命泉 槽口長命泉)

"We bottled our freshly made Sake. It has a strong taste with a raw smell and is very satisfactory."

Price: 720ml / 1,350 Yen(Tax Included)

Chomeisen Kassei Sake(長命泉 活性清酒)

"The fresh living yeast continues to ferment, and creates carbon dioxide. The texture is almost like champagne."

Price: 720ml / 1,250 Yen(Tax Included)

Chomeisen Bizenomachi(長命泉 備前雄町)

"This is a little sweet and rare type of Chomeisen, but its glorious sent is becoming more and more popular."

Price: 720ml / 2,201 Yen(Tax Included)

Chomeisen Narita Reisui(成田霊水)

"From Narita’s Chomeisen, we introduce you a sake perfect for the humid hot summer. This sake has a dry taste that is perfect for the summer. It is popular among the guests visiting Narita every year. "

Price: 720ml / 1,458 Yen(Tax Included)

You can find more informations about Japanese Sake Guide on this article.

Sake Brewery Tour

Inside the brewery you can view a video about brewing in English and take a sake making field trip. You can try different types of sake at the end of the tour for free. The tours are conducted from December to February (reservation required). Why don't you dive into Japan's hidden world?

Takizawa Honten Sake Brewery(滝沢本店)

Address: Kamicho 540, Narita, Chiba  286-0032
10 minutes from JR Narita Station or Keisei Narita Station on Keisei Line.
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-7:00PM / Sunday: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Tel & Tour Reservation: +81-476-22-8417
Website: http://www.chomeisen.jp
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Koki Miyashita

Author & Editor