Sky Hop Bus: A Convenient Way To See Tokyo

“Traveling in Japan sounds fun, but the public transportation is so complicated, I don’t really know Japanese, and it seems so congested everywhere you go…”

Does this echo your concerns about traveling in Tokyo?

Then Sky Hop Bus is the most convenient way for you to see the city.

1) You Don’t Have To Worry About Transfers

Tokyo is a very compact city—the sightseeing spots are usually clustered, making it easy to see multiple locations in one day. Many use the train as a primary mode of transportation, but the metro system in Tokyo is quite complicated (the train maps look like spaghettis)! Multiple train lines intertwine at one station, and each line has a different entrance and exit. There are also multiple exits, making it easy for first-time tourists to get lost; even the locals ask others for directions and make sure they’re going the right way.

You don’t have to worry about these transfers and exits if you’re taking the bus, so it’s a convenient way to make sure you absolutely know where you’re headed.

2) You Can Enjoy the Cityscape From The Bus


The Sky Hop Bus is a double-decker; you can enjoy the Tokyo scenery from the 2nd floor, where there’s no roof.

There are 3 routes—the Asakusa-Tokyo Skytree Course, the Odaiba Course (perfect for nighttime views) and the Roppongi-Odaiba Course. You can enjoy historic cityscape and other tourist spots in the Asakusa-Skytree Course, while the Odaiba Course takes you around Rainbow Bridge and boasts great views during the nighttime. The Roppongi-Odaiba Course goes through central Tokyo, where you can also see the Tokyo Tower.

3) You Can Find a Seat During Transit

It can be stressful carrying around bags and having to stand during transit. Congestion on trains in Tokyo is at peak during rush hour, which is usually in the mornings from 7AM to 9AM when people commute to work and school. 

In some cases, it’s difficult to find a seat on the train even in the daytime, and trains can get crowded at night when people go home. If that worries you, buses might be a better option. Tourists mainly use it, and since the routes are already set, you won’t have to worry about rush hour.

How to get tickets

They accept credit cards, payment at convenience stores found throughout Japan. 

・Payment can be made at the following stores: Lawson, FamilyMart, Ministop, Circle K Sunkus, and Seicomart.

・The payment deadline depends on the period between the booking date and the departure date. The payment deadline is provided on the booking screen or in the booking confirmation e-mail. Bookings not paid for by the payment deadline will be automatically cancelled.

・When making payment at a convenience store, the payment number (provided in the booking confirmation email) and a contact phone number are required. Please do not confuse the payment number with the booking number

・Convenience store payment is available only in Japan.

・Refunds for products purchased through a convenience store c an be made only to a Japanese bank account or reimbursed with WILLER POINTS. Refunds cannot be made to foreign countries.

Sky Hop Bus can be a great alternative to traveling throughout Tokyo; we hope you consider using it to see the city!

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