Izu Oshima: The volcanic island that time and Tokyo forgot

Izu Oshima island(伊豆大島), is now your must go destination, izu oshima is an island with rich and beautiful landscape, between the Mihara mountain and the Tsubaki garden, your perfect weekend destination is just around the corner.

Why Izu Oshima?

If you run away from Tokyo’s busy life and enjoy a day off on an island waking up to the sea view and fresh air Oshima is your island, it’s only a 2 hours ferry ride from Tokyo you can travel and enjoy this secret island.

Izu Oshima is the largest of the Izu Islands, a group of volcanic islands under the administration of Tokyo, close in proximity to the Izu Peninsula. Oshima is located about 100 kilometers south of the capital.

You have just arrived it’s time to  find a place to stay, you would like to enjoy the island without carrying heavy luggage, I recommend you to stay at this friendly hostel which is located near Okada port(岡田港) it’s very convenient for the backpackers it’s only 10 minutes walk to reach here, you can leave your luggage and start your trip.

The Hostel name is CARAVAN FLAKE, it has so many services you can wake up to the mesmerizing sea view from your room, you can also rent a bike and hit the road. Click here to know more about CARAVAN FLAKE. 

Ura-Sabaku: The black desert on Mount Mihara(三原山)

Ura-sabaku is famous for being Japan’s one and only desert. The black sand dunes seen all around the desert are sometimes compared to the surface of the moon.

Mihara Shrine at Mount Mihara

Mt Mihara(三原山), a beautiful volcano that attracted backpackers and climbing fans from all over Japan, visit the mountain and enjoy the afternoon with your friends, be careful it might be super windy at the top. 

Mount Mihara(三原山)

Address: Mount Mihara, Nomashi, Oshima, Tokyo 100-0104
Opening hours: 24hours
Entrance fee: Free

Tsubaki Hana Garden: The beautiful Camellia Garden

Afterwards take the bus and visit Oshima treasure the beautiful Tsubaki Hana garden(椿花ガーデン), between January and March the tsubaki festival take place and local enjoy all the events held for this occasion. You can also visit the factory and learn how to make the original tsubaki oil.

Izu Oshima Tsubaki Lantern Light Project held on 26th February

Up next head to the zoo it’s free, yes you heard well, you can enjoy seeing the most kawaii animals and wildest one they are so friendly and you will enjoy it.

Taubaki Hana garden(伊豆大島 椿花ガーデン)

Address: Tsubaitsuki-41-1 Motomachi, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo 100-0101
Opening hours: 9:00AM~3:00PM
Entrance fee: Adult 830 yen / Children 400 yen

Bekko sushi(べっこう寿司)

You can enjoy a delicious dinner in many restaurants, I recommend Sushikou(寿し光), for a healthy and delicious meal, you can try the famous Bekko Sushi(べっこう寿司), a local specialty sushi served with local white meat fish marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and island chili peppers. 


Address: 1 Chome-4-7 Motomachi, Oshima, Tokyo 100-0101
Opening hours: 11:00AM~2:00PM / 5:00PM ~ 11:00PM
Tel: +81-4992-2-0888

Onsen(温泉): Hot Springs

Mountain View from Izu Oshima Onsen Hotel

Before you head to your hostel/ hotel enjoy the best onsen oshima has to offer you can choose between Gojinka Onsen(御神火温泉), or Oshima Onsen Hotel(大島温泉ホテル) with an outside onsen to enjoy the stars in while relaxed in the warm water.

Gojinka Onsen(御神火温泉)

Address: Nakanohara 1-8,  Motomachi, Oshima, Tokyo 100-0101
Opening hours: 6:00AM~9:00PM
Price: Adult 700 yen / Children 300 yen

Izu Oshima Onsen Hotel(大島温泉ホテル)

Address: Kitsunba-3-5 Senzu, Oshima, Tokyo 100-0103
Opening hours: 6:00AM~9:00PM / 1:00PM ~ 9:00PM
Tel: Adult 800 yen / Children 400 yen

Beautiful Sunset

Before finishing the day take a walk near the port and enjoy the beautiful sunset, it is indeed breathtaking.

The fantastic island are waiting for you. Enjoy your stay at the Izu Oshima Island!

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