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How to Get a Pasmo Card

Welcome to Japan the land where everything can be done at the click of a finger, Pasmo card or Suica card, is the  card that you use for transportation in Japan not only that you can also use it in convenient stores to buy your food, yes it is as important as your credit card or ID card, It allows you the hustle and bustle of getting a ticket for every time you use the train, getting ticket and exchanging every time you change the lines it is indeed a waste of time. Did you know you can get your own personalized card with your own name and information, PASMO card cost 1000- 2000 yen, the Pasmo card itself costs 500 yen and the other amount of money  goes to your card as credits.

In this article, I will show you how to get your own Pasmo card in 10 easy steps:

Pasmo card can be purchased at ticket vending machines at stations

The ticket vending machine will look something similar to this.

Step number 1 : Select you language and click on the button Pasmo

Step number 2 : You can select between a personal card with information on it or normal one if you are in japan for a short trip and you don’t want to fill all the information and get the your card quickly you can click on the left button

Step number 3 : If you choose the personal one click on the right button and after you will see the first step  and click on AGREE

Step number 4 : Select your sex : MALE OR FEMALE

Step number 5 : Enter your details : FAMILY NAME AND FIRST NAME

Step number 6 : Select ADULT

Step number 7 : Enter your Birthday Date

Step number 8 : Add your phone number you can insert your international phone number as well if you don’t have a Japanese number

Step number 9 : You are almost there, you will get a resume of your information and you only have to confirm and click OK button

Step number 10 : Done!

Voila, now you have your own card with your own name, the reason why I recommend this kind of cards not for the esthetic reason but also for practical reason, when you have your personalized card it is easy to track in case you lost it and when you are about the leave and you still have some cash on the card and you need to get it back you can take it to the nearest station and give it back and they will give you the sum of money you have on your card!

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