Chiba Prefecture is Not Only Disneyland

For most people Chiba Prefecture is known only because of Tokyo Disneyland but did you know that other Tokyo Disneyland this prefecture is one the most interesting in Japan. Located just to the east of the Tokyo metropolitan area, the prefecture is surrounded by sea and rivers on all four sides, giving way to picturesque landscapes and the pick of quality produce. It boasts the position of “Japan’s No.1” in access from the world with excellent convenience provided by both airports of Narita and Haneda which are respectively ranked in first and second Japanese airports in terms of the number of passengers.

With this article we aim to present 9 interesting cities in Chiba Prefecture.

1) Katori City 

Katori City is 45 minutes by train from Narita Airport and 30 minutes by car. The city preserves the old townscape of Japan thanks to local citizens. Every year "Sawara 's Great Festival" is hold in July and October. Luxurious floats with 4 meters of dolls are drawn through the historic townscape. This festival is registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since December 2016. Also the "lotus Festival" is hold in August where you ca observe 300 different varieties of flowers.

2) Kozaki City 

Kozaki is the smallest town in Chiba Prefecture with a population of about 6,200 people. The city is called « village of fermentation » as it produces a lot of fermented food such as soy sauce. Kozaki is a rice field coupled with rich groundwater, this is why fermented sake and other fermented foods are made there. In Kozaki two sake brewers are still doing traditional sake brewing. One of them, Nabedana’s liquor shop is the largest store in Chiba Prefecture.

3) Sakae City

Sakae is 20 minutes away from Narita airport. The most famous place is the Cosplay House where you can wear the costumes of the Edo period such as samurai, ninja, samurai girls or town girls. The best way to enjoy the cosplay experience is to wear them while walking in Boso no mura village which is an ancient village transformed into a museum. Take a walk while exploring the old city skyline, or take a picture and feel the old Japanese culture.

4) Sanmu City

Located in the middle of Kujukuri Beach, Sanmu is a nature-rich city. It produces a lot of vegetables and fruits as well as rice cultivation. You can find famous products such as Sanmu cedar and Kujukuri Beach’s seafood. In the sightseeing resort are you can swim, surf and play tennis. There are six beach resorts in Sanmu and among them the Honsuka beach is the largest sandy beach in the prefecture and is an elegant beach where palm trees produce a resort feeling.

5) Shibayama City

Shibayama is know for its legendary pottery art style. Many pottery statuts that were created in old times were found in an ancient cemetery while building a new road. The city holds every year a pottery festival in November. Shibayama has a lot a good food and it speciality is vegetable dishes. You can enjoy a tour in Shibayama with friends, family or as couple. There are a lot sightseeing facilities full of charm in Shibayama.

6) Tako City

Tako is located on the east side of Narita International Airport and is rich in nature and very peaceful. A vast rural scenery spreads along the Kuriyama River, which runs through the center of the town. Flowers of various seasons blooming can be seen. You can also admire the original landscape of Japan throughout the year. Tako's specialty is called Takomai rice which has a rich and tenacious flavor. It is used mainly for sushis and it is very famous across Japan. 

7) Tomisato City 

Tomisato is located in the northern part of Chiba Prefecture, in the southwest of Narita International Airport. "Tomisato City Watermelon Festival" and "Tomisato Watermelon Road Race Tournament" are hold in June, when the shipment of watermelons celebrate its peak. Tomisato is a rich natural city with abundant variety of farms and livestock products such as delicious carrots, peanuts and porks. Tomisato has been deeply involved with horses for a long time, and there are still many ranches and horse riding clubs. 

8) Yokoshiba Hikarimachi City

Yokoshiba Hikarimachi is located in the northeastern part of Chiba prefecture. In Yokoshiba there is a plum forest which is the the largest plum forest in the prefecture, and white flowers from plum trees bloom from late February to mid March every year. In addition, there are delicious meals that use mainly traditional agriculture methods and pig farming.

9) Narita City

At Narita Airport, we conduct "Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program", a guided tour that enables you to sightsee around the airport by using the transit waiting time and the time spent at nearby hotels. Our guides speak English and Japanese. In Narita you can experience Japanese culture such as worshiping and tea ceremony. In Narita city there one of the most famous temple in Japan called Naritasan Shin shoji. Shopping and eating in Omotesando street are also part of the best things to do. Also many shops lend traditional Japanese clothes such as Kimono and Yukata so can you dress like samurai and geisha while walking in the street.
If you want to know more about Narita City please read our article about Narita City.

Let's go to Chiba Prefecture!

Chiba Prefecture is full of treasures and wonderful landscapes. Indeed if you wish to have an experience mixing Japanese traditions and communion with nature you should pass by Chiba Prefecture. They are a lot of different cities with different things to offer you.

And if you're a Tokyo resident it is very easy to access Chiba Prefecture as hundred of direct trains run everyday between Tokyo and these cities.

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