When Your Phone’s Battery is Out and You Don’t Have a Charger


When you need to look up something, what do you use?

Often it will be your cellphone. Especially when you are abroad, you will always have to bring your cell phone, to navigate the streets or find famous spots for tourists.

However, with frequent use, it is common to run out of battery, especially if one cannot use their charger. In those urgent situations where your phone runs out of juice, there are some places in Japan which offer outlets for free.

Here are some places where you can charge your phone.

Internet cafe

There are“Internet cafes” in Japan, where you can use a PC, or can read magazines and comics. They offer a charger for free, or you can charge your cell phone by connecting to the PC. You can drink coffee, read comics and search the internet while waiting for your battery to charge.

Karaoke box

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Karaoke is one of the most popular things to try when you are in Japan. When you run out of battery, it’s time to go karaoke. Tell a receptionist that you want to charge your cell phone, they will lend you a charger. You can charge the battery and enjoy karaoke at the same time.

More informations about Japanese Karaoke on our article here!

City charge

City charge is a solar charger. It was created by a charitable organization, Tokyo environmental government corporation and everybody can use the charger for free. Currently there are three city charges in Tokyo, Tokyo tower, Toshima-en park, and Toranomon hills.

Starbucks coffee

The most well known worldwide cafe has some seats where the customers can use outlets. However the seats are limited, so you have to check if you can use the seat that has an outlet, before you order a coffee.

Docomo/ au/ softbank shop

Docomo, au and softbank are the most popular cell phone carriers in Japan. They have stores everywhere. If you find signs that say Docomo, au, or softbank, go and ask a staff if you can charge your cell phone.

Electrical appliance store


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Electrical appliance stores literally sell electrical stuff including cell phones or PCs. Thus they also have chargers for people who drop by at the store. There are three stores that deal with chargers; Bic camera, Yodobashi camera, and Nojima. You can peruse the goods they sell while charging your phone. You might find a good product!

Don Quijote

Don Quijote is a famous variety store. They sell cosmetics, foods, electrical things, costumes… if you want it, they probably have it. Some Don Quijotes install free chargers, so if you run out of battery and you are close to Don Quijote, you can go and ask a staff if they install chargers.

Along with the above, there are many restaurants or cafes that offer you a charger or have outlets for customers, like McDonald, Mos burger, cafe renoir etc…

If you need to charge your cell phone, just drop in the nearest shop or cafe and ask if they have free chargers or if you can you an outlet there.

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