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Sightsee Tokyo Baggage-Free With Luggage Storage Services

You’ve arrived in Japan—and you’re ready to explore Tokyo! But lugging around heavy baggage is always a pain in the neck.

In times like these, you can use a luggage storage service. Here are some areas in major destinations within Tokyo that can hold onto or ship your bags for a fee.

Coin Lockers: Easy For Everyone To Use

Coin lockers are located at almost every station in Tokyo. Follow the steps below to store your bags.

Make sure you have an IC card or coins

Depending on the size of your luggage, the lockers can cost 300 to 700 yen per use. Most of them do not accept paper bills, so make sure you have some Japanese coins beforehand. In recent years, the lockers also accept IC cards like Suica and PASMO for payment. It might be easier to purchase these cards instead, as you can use them to ride trains and buses as well. These cards serve as “keys” to opening the lockers when you want to retrieve your bags.

Use the links below to see locker availability

In major stations where tourists and businessmen cross paths, there may not be enough coin lockers available. Lockers are scarce on weekends and during Japanese holidays (i.e. end of April-early May and mid-August). Some of the major stations like Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, and Ikebukuro Station has a link that updates locker availability in real-time, so do check them out—it’ll save you from lugging your bags around and aimlessly wandering for an open locker!

・Tokyo Station:
・Shinjuku Station:
・Ikebukuro Station:
・For all other stations, search in:

Baggage Storage Services

If you’re worried that you won’t find an available locker, fear not! There are paid storage services near major tourist destinations that can hold onto your luggage for a similar price to that of the lockers.

Storage services ran by railway companies

Railway companies like JR operate these services.

・Tokyo Station: There are storage booths within and outside the JR Tokyo Station. Staff at these booths can also speak English. These services get crowded during holiday season, so make sure you have enough time to potentially wait a while before you can check in your bags. More details are here

・Shibuya Station: There is a storage booth near the Tokyu Line located underground. There is also a concierge counter with English-speaking staff, so it’s a convenient place to store your bags if you’re planning to see Shibuya. More details are here.

Using Sagawa’s service

Sagawa is one of Japan’s major shipping companies that also operate temporary luggage storage booths in stations and other tourist information sites. In some cases, it can also ship your bags to your accommodation as well. Major areas that have Sagawa service: Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal or “Basta Shinjuku” (connected to Shinjuku Station), Asakusa (by Kaminari-mon), Tokyo Skytree, Ginza Six. More informations are here.

Using ecbo cloak

This service uses facilities like post offices and cafes to hold onto your luggage. They require prior reservation, but they can be found in variety of places. You can also search on the map (in link below) what areas offer ecbo cloak. The price is comparable to that of coin lockers— storing a suitcase for a day costs 600 yen.

Located in areas such as: Tokyo Station, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa, etc. More informations are here.

Shipping Your Bags To The Hotel

Coin lockers and temporary storage services are convenient; however, it can be a hassle to go back to retrieve your bags. You can avoid this by using a shipping service.

For example, if you store your luggage at an airport or station, these services will ship your bags to your accommodation within the same day. There are services that have cut-offs for times you can check your luggage in, or limited areas that they can ship to, but in most cases, if you check your bags in the morning, it will arrive to your accommodation on the same day. Cost of service differs depending on luggage size and the operator, but sending a suitcase can cost about 2000 yen. Use the services below if you want to ship your bags.

Yamato Transport

his service ships bags from Haneda Airport to accommodation sites. There is a Yamato Transport booth within the domestic terminal at Haneda, so it can be a bit inconvenient to have to move from international terminal to check your bags. But it is by far better than having to carry your luggage around. It usually operates Japanese-language only booths, but at service counters in Tokyo Station Marunouchi exits and Ginza , they have English-language speaking staff as well. Here are more informations.

Sagawa Shipping

Unfortunately, Sagawa does not have a shipping booth within Haneda Airport. It is available in Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal, Asakusa (Kaminari-mon), Tokyo Skytree and Ginza Six, so if you’re in the area make sure to check for Sagawa booths. Here are more informations.

Temporary luggage storage and baggage shipping isn’t only available in Tokyo but also across cities in Japan. Make sure to check these services out before traveling for smooth, baggage-free sightseeing!

*Disclaimer—information on prices and hours of operation for the mentioned services are based on research from April 2018. Please make sure to double check before travels for any changes.