Internet in Japan: Pocket WiFi vs SIM Card

“How can I connect to the Internet in Japan?”

“What is a Pocket WiFi and how does it work?”

“What are the differences between a Pocket WiFi and a SIM Card? “

Comparing the different ways to connect to the internet in Japan can be nerve-wracking! That’s why you will find in this article all the needed informations concerning Pocket WiFi and SIM Card.

Pocket WiFi and SIM Card

Connecting to free WiFi hotspots thanks to the app Town WiFi can be a good idea, but you may also want to have a constant access to the internet. If so, you have 2 options available: renting a WiFi router (Pocket WiFi), or using a prepaid SIM Card.

Here are the main differences between these 2 options:


Pocket WiFi

SIM Card






Can be used for connecting about 10 devices simultaneously (phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, etc.)

Can be used just for one device (smartphone OR tablet)

Battery Life

About 12 hours

Illimited: No charging required

Can’t be used if

Can be used on all types of devices.

-Your phone or your tablet is sim locked

-You buy the wrong sized SIM Card (nano, micro)

Best used for

-People who want to connect many devices

-People travelling in group

-People having their phone sim locked

-People who want to connect just one device

-People who don’t want to have to carry and to charge a Pocket Wifi


About 1000 yens per day

Starting from 750 yens for 7 days (2GB)

Buying or renting Pocket WiFi and SIM Card

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You can buy a Pocket WiFi or a Sim Card online before your trip. Try to look at sites such as Japan Rail Pass, B-Mobile or Sakura Mobile

If you’re already in Japan, you can find SIM Card and Pocket WiFi in airports (Haneda, Narita..) or in shops such as BIC Camera, Yodobashi Camera, LABI, or Don Quijote.

Finally, before coming back, you may be asked to return the device to the provider, so don’t forget to ask about the return procedure before leaving Japan!