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How to make the most of your trip in Japan (Discovering Japan’s hidden treasures)

How many of you have travelled to Japan?

Many of you may have the belief that Japan is a costly place to travel. Particularly if you’re staying for a long period, accommodation costs can build up, but this is something that can be resolved with motor home accommodation! It is actually possible in Japan to lodge in comfortable and safe motorhome accommodation. With such accommodation, you will be able to travel with friends and family and access spots that you would normally never even know existed, whilst making friends with the locals.

Have you heard of Carstay before?

Carstay is a new service that was recently launched in Japan on 30 January 2019. Recently the concept of “sharing economy” has become more popular in Japan, where spaces are more openly shared, and this has entered the automotive sphere as well. For users of carstay, protective insurance is provided in order for visitors to enjoy safe and pleasant stays in motor home accommodation. With Carstay’s service, you will be able to make the most of your stay with activities provided by local tour hosts. The concept is to bring people touring on the road together as well as synergizing tour spaces and resources to bring revenue into all areas. Please click on the URL below to find out more!

5 Amazing experiences with a trip on the road

You can visit anywhere 

The ability to visit areas inaccessible by public trains and buses. There are many hidden spots and natural treasures which are beyond the regular tour perimeters, and it is possible to access and lodge in these areas safely with mobile accommodation.

Saving holiday money

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The biggest expenditure for most holidays is often the accommodation. With motor home accommodation, you will be able to lodge for much cheaper prices than “min-juku” (Japanese guest houses) or hotels. With the money that you save on accommodation, you can spend it on staying longer or exploring new places.

Making Japanese friends

This is something you may not expect, but by using the Carstay service, you will be able to correspond with hosts who can guide you to areas of interest, and have the chance to meet and talk with the locals in the areas that you travel to.

Carrying around luggage is easy

For those into sports, and carrying around equipment like surfboards or snowboards, it can often be tough to lug all of these around on your trip. If your accommodation is also your transport, as is the case with Carstay, problem solved!

Travelling with pets is no problem

It can be difficult travelling on public transport with pets, and certain accommodations will not allow them. If you’re travelling on the road, you can travel with your pet in peace and comfort!