Train Route to Finding New Friends! 5 Recommended Apps in Japan

It’s always a stimulating experience making new discoveries every day in a new environment or a new country. However, this can also be accompanied by frustrations when unable to navigate the transport system or how to purchase certain items, all while carrying your luggage!

You may have thought of things like “This is my first time visiting, so I want to make the most of my time here” or “I’ve heard that Tokyo has labyrinthine routes to get places – I hope I waste time getting lost”. If these are concerns that you have, this article introduces 5 apps that you can download before your trip to act as your convenient guides.

1) Planning your journey「NAVITIME for Japan Travel」

Japan has a whole array of modes of transport with regular trains, bullet trains, the underground, monorail and aeroplanes, and there are a whole host of different systems that govern each. In the central areas of Tokyo particularly, there are large maze-like stations and networks where it is easy to get lost and stuck in the madding crowds.

However, with Navitime, you are able to plan your route by simply entering the departure and arrival station, and the app will provide the route for you using real time data. We highly recommend!

Download「NAVITIME for Japan Travel」: iPhoneAndroid

2) When you want to translate what you want to say into Japanese!「Google Translate」

English can be used in many establishments of Japan, but there are certain times where communication difficulties arise and there needs to be something translated into Japanese. This is the app to help you out when you get caught in a linguistic dead end. The best app for translating aids in conversation!

Download「Google Translate」: iPhoneAndroid

3) Where can I find a good place to eat?「GURUNAVI(ぐるなび)」

GURUNAVI (ぐるなび: the name derived from Gurume, the Japanese pronunciation of Gourmet) is the ultimate app to find the best restaurants in whatever area you are travelling, and ensures that you will always know when your favourite place is open or closed! It is a large directory, similar to Yelp.

Download「GURUNAVI」: iPhoneAndroid

4) Meeting people from all around the world – An app for meetup events around the world -「Meetup」

Of course it’s likely you’ll want to visit many different places for their various attractions, and one of those may be to interact and make friends with the locals and other fellow travelers. Why not try this app to make friends from Japan or other travellers – you never know who you might meet!

Download「Meetup」: iPhoneAndroid

5) The familiar chat app -「LINE」

LINE is the most common chat app used in Japan, and has similar functions to facebook messenger and whatsapp. Therefore it’s the most likely way you’ll find to adding a friend contact with somebody you’ve just met, so be sure to download it if you want to keep in touch with new friends!

Download「LINE」: iPhoneAndroid

We hope that these apps will ease any worries or stresses that you may have with your trip and allow you to make the most of your time here. Be sure to check them out!

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