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Discovering the Latest Tour Information and Events in Japan with TRAVEL HUB MIX

Tokyo station is one of the largest in the world, alongside stations such as Grand Central and Paris Nord train station, and often being the first or last station on a long international or national trip.

A new facility is set to open at Tokyo station this August 2017, known as the TRAVEL HUB MIX.

You may know that the new GINZA SIX attraction opened in Tokyo just recently in April 2017, with plenty of shops, restaurants and other places to visit, but what will Travel Hub mix have to offer? This article explains all.


Travel Hub mix was created with the three elements of “meetups”, “inspiration” and “experience” in mind. While tourist information is provided, it is far from limited to just the typical tourist information office business model – there are also services available for social entrepreneurs, local government organisations/representatives, groups and individuals, providing a “mix” of options available to freely create customized trips.

Because of the sheer diversity of those involved, you will be able to access the latest information regarding the places to see and events that are being held in Japan, and provide great social networking and friend making opportunities.

Below, we outline the location and services provided.

Travel Hub mix location

Travel Hub Mix is located on the ground floor (1F) of the Nihon Building in Otemachi. The closest rail exits are the Tokyo station Nihonbashi exit, The Otemachi underground B8a exit, the Nihonbashi station A1 exit or the Mitsukoshi-Mae B2 exit.

The building is shown in the photo above. If approaching it from Tokyo station, you will see the “PASONA” and “JOBHUB  SQUARE” signs. In this building you will find the Travel Hub Mix centre next to the open space café. The opening hours are Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm.

Using travel hub mix

On the left there is a place to leave your luggage. This is ideal if you wish to visit the Imperial Palace and other sights near Tokyo station. Foreign language tourist information services are available to provide assistance and guidance for any queries that you may have.

The next area you will see is this kitchen counter. This area provides the opportunity to try samples of various Japanese foods in the Japanese culinary workshop. However, you can also try making some of your favourite foods with the expert chefs, as well as tasting them. This provides a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers whilst enjoying Japan’s culinary culture.

Opposite the kitchen counter, there are several television monitors and a round sofa.

This area shows the latest Japan travel information, and also provides computers that are available to plan tours, reserve transport and book accommodation, an ideal place to do so, with the assistance available on offer as well.

The next area you will see has a large screen and stage.

This area features famous presenters providing talks and presentations on hot topics and events for travelers. Guests will include professional world travelers, international social entrepreneurs, online bloggers, and other various innovators who will come to share their ideas.

Next to this stage, there is a space with a large bookshelf and another round sofa.

This area is a library various books and resources on Japanese culture and specialist, in depth information about Japan’s regions. The unique collection of resources here holds information that is unlikely to be found online, and we are sure that new discoveries can be made here.

This area also includes the latest VR technology that provides virtual tour experiences without even having to leave the building. This can be ideal for tour planning to gauge the feel of an area and whether it would be a desirable location, before making any reservations.

Finally, if you return towards the entrance, you will find the relaxation area which is free to be used by all.

The distinctive Japanese “Engawa” building is commonly seen in Japan where a wooden path and shelter are constructed around the building. This area has been created to imitate this aesthetic. In this area you will find the latest tour leaflets for travels to all parts of Japan, so is an ideal area to stop by.

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Koki Miyashita

Author & Editor