5 Apps That Can Help You Navigate Through Japan

Traveling abroad in a place you’ve never been to can be an exciting experience. But sometimes, local transportation systems can be confusing and difficult to grasp. If you want to enjoy traveling in Japan efficiently, or if you’re worried about Tokyo’s complex train system, here are 5 phone apps that can be useful. Hopefully they’ll make your trip even more enjoyable.

1) Planning your journey「NAVITIME for Japan Travel」

There are a lot of ways to get around in Japan—trains, bullet trains, subways, monorails… In particular, Tokyo’s train system is very complex; you might have seen the train maps, with various lines intertwining like spaghettis. The trains are often very congested, and it can be a nerve-wracking experience trying to squeeze through the throng of people.  Navitime can help you plan your trip easier. All you need to know is the starting station name and the name of the station you want to get to.

Download「NAVITIME for Japan Travel」: iPhoneAndroid

2) When you want to translate what you want to say into Japanese!「Google Translate」

There are shops in Japan that are used to communicating with foreign visitors, but sometimes it’s difficult to convey what you want to say. This app can help translate what you want to say from your native language to Japanese.

Download「Google Translate」: iPhoneAndroid

3) Where can I find a good place to eat?「GURUNAVI(ぐるなび)」

When you’re traveling, you might wonder if there are any good places to eat near your current location, or when the restaurant might close. Gurunavi is basically the Japanese version of Yelp, and it can help you scout out good places to eat.

Download「GURUNAVI」: iPhoneAndroid

4) Meeting people from all around the world – An app for meetup events around the world -「Meetup」


Meeting and getting to know the locals can help you learn more about the country’s culture and values—so why not attend a meetup while you’re traveling? You might find other fellow travelers or make Japanese friends.

Download「Meetup」: iPhoneAndroid

5) The familiar chat app -「LINE」

Japanese people do use Facebook messenger apps, but chances are majority of people are using LINE to communicate. If you make a Japanese friend, LINE is a good app to exchange contacts and chat.

Download「LINE」: iPhoneAndroid

Hope these apps will make your travel a more convenient one!