What Does “Matcha” Taste Like? A Highly Recommended Souvenir "Matcha Chocolate"

"Matcha(抹茶)" has a very familiar aroma and taste, and has been a treasured type of green tea for many years.

Matcha is known to be a valuable supplement to diets and weight loss, anti ageing and detoxing. Due to this, Matcha has become very popular overseas, and you may have seen “Matcha” flavoured products or Matcha itself in your own country.

Aside from Matcha itself, Matcha flavoured sweets have become a popular souvenir for foreign visitors. It’s an ideal gift for the health conscious, whether it’s your family, friends or work colleagues.

This article will introduce affordable and popular Matcha flavoured sweets which are popular even among the Japanese.

A green Kitkat? The Green tea flavoured KitKat chocolate only found in Japan

The popular nestle chocolate, available in Green tea flavour, is one of Japan’s most popular sweet souvenirs. The original concept was to introduce a way to enjoy Matcha by eating it rather than drinking. There are numerous variations, such as the “strong” green tea flavour with twice the concentrated amount, chocolate bars with real tea leaves included inside, chocolate with added green tea and raspberry powder with eager cream, and many more variations.

As of September 2017, there were four new types of KitKat released, making a total of ten types of Matcha KitKat available. Even for those who have already tried some of the KitKat types, there are always new flavours in store for you!

・Standard Matcha KitKat (general retail price, 500 yen tax exclusive)

・Extra strong Matcha KitKat (general retail price, 500 yen tax exclusive)

・Full Matcha KitKat (general retail price, 600 yen tax exclusive)

・Everyday luxury Matcha KitKat, double berry and almond (general retail price, 600 yen tax exclusive)

Melt in your mouth “Melty kiss”, Matcha flavoured snack

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This sweet is produced by Meiji, one of the largest sweet manufacturers in Japan, and Melty kiss is limited to winter only, so much so that winter is often synonymous with Melty Kiss in Japan. Melty Kiss is a chocolate that has a strong Matcha taste with a hint of the signature green tea bitterness.

According to the Meiji website, the below explanation is given regarding its carefully created flavour, which may be interesting information for the recipient of this sweet as a gift.  

・Characteristics: A sweet with a strong Matcha flavour and aroma, exquisitely wrapped in chocolate to complement the strong Matcha taste. Using Matcha leaves from Nishio in Aichi Prefecture. Using only the best, freshly picked tea leaves, assessed for balance in taste and aroma. Contains Teanin which has a calming effect. (General retail price, 248 yen tax exclusive.)

A sweet bite sized chocolate, Matcha Crunky “Pop joy”


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This chocolate comes from the Lotte brand, famous in both Japan and Korea. This chocolate contains green tea which is sweetened to complement the milk chocolate, and therefore does not have the bitterness of typical Matcha. This chocolate is easy to eat even during your work and does not make a mess, and is also recommended for those who have not tried Matcha before. (General retail price, 100 yen tax exclusive)

The distinctive square shaped Tirol Chocolate Matcha Mochi

Chocolate Mochi (a rice dough type sweet) uses 100% real Matcha and contains chocolate inside the dough. It is available in many other flavours with chocolate as well. As well as being sold in regular packets, it is also to buy just one piece of Mochi to try, rather than a whole pack. There are many other flavours such as soy flour and milk, so these make an ideal souvenir with an assortment of flavours. (General retail price, 30 yen per piece, tax exclusive)

Did any of the above sweets take your fancy! We hope you can find your ideal sweet for a tasty treat to bring a little happiness to your day!

Matcha sweets combine sweetness with the distinct taste of Matcha and are an ideal way to sample Matcha for those that have never tried it before, as the real thing can be a little bitter and take time getting used to.

The real Matcha is also used in Japan’s tea ceremonies. Click here to find out more about the Japanese tea ceremony.

The green tea used in tea ceremonies often has a distinct bitter taste and is very popular among the Japanese. We highly recommend that you give this a try too!