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All You Need to Know when Ordering Sushi – The Complete Guide


Sushi – the quintessential Japanese cuisine which is often the most popular dishes to try when visiting Japan.

In 2013, Sushi was declared by UNESCO as an official intangible cultural asset, and is well known throughout the world.

However, there are often a bamboozling array of different sushi types – even just looking at the varieties of Sashimi, it can be difficult to know what type of fish is available. The Kanji characters for Sushi are also difficult, where sometimes even Japanese people are unable to read some of them!

However, it’s certain that sushi can be enjoyed more if one has a better understanding of it.

Therefore, we have prepared below a list of popular sushi types along with their explanations in our Sushi guide table below.

The Sushi Catalogue

Sushi imageJapanesePronunciationEnglishPrime seasonOriginal form
まぐろMaguroLean tunaOct – March
中トロChu-toroMedium-fatty tunaOct – March
大トロO-toroFatty tunaOct – March
烏賊 いかIkaSquidSep-May
帆立 ほたてHotateScallopDec-Mar
たいTaiRed snapperNov-May
小肌 こはだKohadaGizzard shadSep-Oct
あじAjiHorse MackerelMay-Aug
甘海老 あまえびAma-ebiSweet ShrimpSep-May
海老 えびEbiShrimpSep-May
数の子 かずのこKazunokoHerring roeMar-Apr
うなぎUnagiGrilled eelJuly
玉子 たまごTamagoFried EggAll year
イクラIkuraSalmon roeSep-Oct
ネギトロNegi-toroMinced fatty tunaOct-Mar
雲丹 うにUniSea UrchinJune-Aug
鉄火巻き てっかTekka-makiTuna rollOct-Mar
河童巻き かっぱKappa-makiCucumber rollAll year

So let’s order sushi!       

Hopefully this table will come in useful for when ordering sushi!     

This list can be used any time in any sushi restaurant, using the “pronunciation” column to make orders. Let’s enjoy eating Sushi!

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Koki Miyashita

Author & Editor