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6 Funny and Weird Cafes and Restaurants in Tokyo

In Japan, themed cafes are really popular among foreigners who want to eat while having an unforgettable experience. From the ultra-modern Robot restaurant to the cute Maid cafe, check out our top 6 funny cafes and restaurants around Tokyo!

1) The Ninja restaurant: Ninja Akasaka

Located in Akasaka, near Roppongi, the Ninja restaurant provides an interesting experience into Ninja World. Waiters are dressed as ninjas and the interior is designed like an ancient Japanese castle. You will be able to eat Shuriken star-blades grissini and Ninja-style roast lamb.

Ninja Akasaka

Address: 5-9-13 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Prefecture  150-0001
Access: 2 minutes walk from the Akasaka-Mitsuke Station on the Ginza & Marunouchi lines
Opening Hours: From 5:00 p.m to 1:00 a.m from Monday to Saturday (last entry 10:30pm)/ From 5:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m on Sunday and holiday (last entry 9:45pm)
Tel: +81-3-5157-3936
Home Page:

2) Maid cafes

In Maid cafes, waiters and waitress are wearing cute maid or butlers outfits. You will be treated as the master or the mistress and eat special "kawaii" dishes, such as omelette rice topped with ketchup heart, or sweets. If you are in Akihabara, it’s easy to find a Maid cafe since many maids are standing outside to attract customers.

The Maidreamin chain has many shops around Tokyo and an English website.

3) The Robot restaurant

You can check our article about our experience at the robot restaurant here. The restaurant is actually more focused on performance of the robots and dancers than on food.

The Robot Restaurant

Address: B2F Shinjuku Robot Building, 1-7-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Prefecture  160-0021
Access: 5 minutes walk from the Seibu-Shinjuku Station on the Shinjuku and the Seibu-Shinjuku Line
Opening Hours: From 4:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m
Tel: +81-3-3200-5500
Home Page:

4) The Prison restaurant: The Lockup

Cozy entrance #TheLockUp #Shinjuku #Tokyo #Japan #2017

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The Lockup is a prison themed restaurant. You will be treated as a prisoner, and eat in cells. Why don't you try ordering a skeleton shaped hamburger while drinking cocktails served in test tubes?

The Lockup

Address: Kabukichō, 1 Chome−16 Square Building 6F ,Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture  160-0021
Access: 2 minutes walk from Shinjuku station on the Yamanote, Chuo, Keio, Marunouchi lines
Opening Hours: From 5:00 p.m to 24:00 p.m (until 4:00am on Saturday)
Tel: +81 3-5728-7731
Home Page:

5) The Samurai Restaurant: Sengoku Buyuden

This restaurant will take you back in the Sengoku Period (1467-1603) with samurai armors, swords, and foods from that were popular at this time, such as grilled onigiris.

Sengoku Buyuden

Address: T-wing building 4F, 1-6-2, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Prefecture  160-0021
Access: 3 minutes walk from Shinjuku station on the Yamanote, Chuo, Keio, Marunouchi lines
Opening From 5:00 p.m to 24:00 p.m from Monday to Thursday/From 5:00pm to 3:00am on Friday and Saturday/From 5:00 to 11:30pm on Sunday and holiday
Tel: +81-3-3209-2277
Home Page:

6) Animal cafes

If you love animals, you must try one of these cafes and eat while being surrounded by cats, owls, rabbits, or even hedgehogs!

Click here to check out our top 6 animal cafes in Tokyo.

While themed cafes can seem strange, they are an unique part of Japanese culture, so why don’t you try going to one while being in Japan?  

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