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Why do we recommend SMU Kabuki Tour

Here at Samurai Meetups, we have been leading Kabuki tours since 2016. Here’s a glimpse of what the tour is like— we also have few reviews from those who attended the tour before, so make sure to read through till the very end!

1) SMU x Kabuki Tour

The SMU Kabuki Tour leads participants around to learn about the theatrical art directly from kabuki actors themselves. The tour begins at the theater, where attendees first watch a kabuki play before learning more about what happens in the backstage  from the kabuki staff. It’s an interactive tour where foreign visitors can mingle with local Japanese people.

2) 3 Key Points of the Kabuki Tour

You can see the backstage

You can visit the backstage, where there are rooms set for kabuki actors, and even talk to the actors and staff about what happens behind the scenes. They’ll even give you a tutorial on how to act kabuki moves— it’s a rare and unique opportunity!

You can learn from the actors themselves

You’ll get a chance to listen to kabuki actors about how the theatrical art has been passed down for generations, as well as their personal experience working within the theater.

A local guide will attend to your needs in English

A local Japanese guide will help you at every step, from booking tickets to guiding you on how to use the headsets during the play. Those of you who don’t speak Japanese can enjoy the experience without worrying about the finer details of the event. Tours are conducted in small groups, so it’s a great opportunity for local Japanese guides and foreign visitors to interact in a comfortable environment.

3) Reviews From Tour Participants 

 "It's always a great pleasure to join and participate Samurai Meetup's events. Yesterday, I got to participate with the group and watch a Kabuki performance. Young and able, I can't help myself but be impressed at how they try to promote Japanese culture. These people are amazing! The new generation's young Samurais. I wish you all the luck guys!”

“I will do it with a great pleasure. It was an awesome experience as usual. Thank you!”

"I didn't really know much about Kabuki before going to the event. So it was great to learn a part of Japanese culture which isn't mainstream to foreigners. It was an entertaining experience filled with vibrant acting and at times genuinely funny. It was a good way to learn a bit more about Japanese folklore in an art form which has historic merit."

We hope you’ll join us in one of our tours!