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Japan Etiquette: 20 Things Not To Do While Being In Japan (Part 2)

Welcome to Japan, It’s your first time in Japan and you have no clue how to behave, let me break it down for y’all, how to be a good gaijin, this your guide on how to behave while in Japan and get Japanese people’s approval!

This article is split into two parts, so be sure to check out part 1 as well!

11) Money

Please get yourself ready while you are on the line, and prepare your cash before  whether at the convenient store or the ticket machine some people are super busy and they can’t wait for you to look for your wallet and specially if you discover that your don’t have enough cash, life is too short to wait for your to look for your wallet, be smart get your cash ready.

12) Escalators

First please stick to the line on left when you are in Tokyo  and let the right one for the people who wanna walk fast because not everyone have time like you  when you go to Osaka it’s the opposite stand on the right side and keep the left side for the other people.

13) Driving in Japan

You got your international licence yupii congrats, but that doesn’t mean everybody can drive like you specially in Japan not only the Japanese drive from the left which is a bit complicated to understand but also their driving skills are not very amazing like your expect so be careful if you are willing to drive in Japan or you know what why even bother renting a car when you have a plane a bus and a the fatest train on the planet.

14) Saying thank you

You are the politest person on earth but in Japan you don’t have to say thank you to everyone and everything they do specially in convenient store it confuses them and by the way thank you for checking this article.

15) Don’t smoke everywhere

In japan there are zones and areas for smoking so please respect the signs and don’t just show your cigarette everywhere, I know you want to have your nicotine time but do it at it’s reserved place.

16) Don’t talk about sensitive topics

In japan don’t talk about about topics such as Religion, politics, and baseball, yes your heard it don’t talk about it, there are many topics to talk about such as how beyonce slayed her Coachella show last night.

17) Take your shoes off and put on ur socks on if your feet stink

Yes it’s Japan enough said.

18) Tax 

In japan the most annoying thing is buying something that cost 100 yen and you think it cost 100 yen and it’s the only coin you have and when you get to the cashier you realize it cost 108 yen, Oppsii, yes it’s annoying but you have to remember so please get your money ready and remember it and don’t embarrass yourself.

19) Don’t get wasted

I see you party people, Yolo but don’t look like a fool we don’t wanna see a 180 cm guy laying on the floor in his vomit, it’s not sexy please drink with moderation.

20) Taxi 

This a common problem in Japan, we know you are impressed by the fact that the taxi door opens by itself, if you are a youtuber or a videographer don’t stop a taxi just because you want to get your shot and then say sorry, it’s called no manner if you wanna have your shot you should pay for the ride.

After this little guide you are a certified good gaijin! Be sure to read part 1!

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