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Japan Etiquette: 20 Things Not To Do While Being In Japan (Part 1)

Welcome to Japan, It’s your first time in Japan and you have no clue how to behave, let me break it down for y’all, how to be a good gaijin, this your guide on how to behave while in Japan and get Japanese people’s approval!

This article is split into two parts, so be sure to check out part 2 as well!

1) Don’t take photos in the train

Many of us like the way we look or the kawaii trains that japan has and wanna take a cute selfie, well guess what don’t do it even though it looks pretty nice but it might disturb the other passenger who don’t wanna be on your photo or who might even think you are taking photos of them secretly.

2) Spitting in general

Did you just had your first Natto Onigiri and you are chocked by the taste and want to spit it out, well don’t try to hold it as much as possible and find a proper way to get rid of it, trust me no body want to see you spitting on their streets.

3) Read the air

Which basically means get it, if you are acting a way and you feel like some people are staring at you, you better know that they don’t like it and you should stop it ASAP.

4) Do not eat in the train

You have been running all day and you are starving you bought a sandwich at the station and you want to eat it, try not to eat in the train it might not make people comfortable seeing you with your dinner in your mouth specially in rush hours.

5) Don’t throw trash

I always thought the hardest thing in the world is to win the lottery well  guess what finding a trash bin in Japan is even harder, and just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you have to grab the opportunity and throw your trash.

6) Don’t play with chopstick

Just like they thought you not playing with food when you were young, it’s same in Japan you shouldn’t play with chopsticks it’s rude.

7) Don’t tip in Japan

That awkward moment when you have to pay the bill in your home country and you have extra coins you wanted to treat yourself some desert with later but you feel obliged to give it for the waiters, guess what Japan will make you have your desert, there is no need to tip in Japan, it’s even considered rude sometimes and if you do they will think your forgot your money on the table and come after you to give it back so don’t put yourself in that awkward situation.

8) Don’t shout in the street

If you come to my place and I made you wait for too long outside don’t shout my name you will wake up my neighbors dogs, it’s not proper just wait and don’t be noisy.

9) Don’t jay walk

Yes it’s the red light no cars coming and the way is free, it’s up to your conscious there but be careful sometime if you go through the red light a Mario kart fella my appear out of nowhere and crush you don’t forget it’s the land of the Fast and furious Tokyo drift.

10) Separate the waste

Yes you need to have some common sense in japan and know how to separate cans and plastic bottles and glass other wise the trash trucks wont take your waste and let you sink in your waste. It’s Japan everything is different get used to it.

After this little guide you are a certified good gaijin! Be sure to read part 2

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