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Golden Week: Japan's Shining Spring Holidays

Traveling to japan is a beautiful experience! Going to on the festivals periods it is gorgeous!

Japan is famous for it’s festivals, and I had a chance to experience Golden Week ambiance in Tokyo.

The Golden week is a rare and unusual gathering of national holidays piled together from April 29 to May 5. And also it's a spring time and the cherry blooming forecast, the pink Sakura season that everyone loves so much.

What is Golden Week?

So, what are the holidays celebrated in the golden festival ?

Starting with Showa day or Showa no hi(昭和の日), it’s the 1st holiday on this week , hold on April 29 and honours the birthday of the Emperor Hirohito the reigning Emperor before, during, and after world war.

The 2nd holiday is Constitutional Memory day : Kenpo Kinenbi(憲法記念日) it Commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of Japan on May 3rd, 1947. The constitution declare that the Emperor is the symbol of the state and unity of the people who have fundamentals human rights.

The 3rd holiday is Greenery day or Midori no hi(みどりの日) on May 4. Mt favorites are the main events of the festival which include the planting of seeds and planting of tree by the Emperor and Empress.

Last but not least and what was for the liveliest holiday is Children’s day or Kodomo no hi(こどもの日) that is celebrated on May 5th .This day set aside to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness, so don’t be surprised to see candy bars and and parks filled with kids it’s their day.

Let's enjoy Golden Week! 

That was a little introduction about the Golden Week I was so lucky to witness the hard working Japanese people enjoying themselves, traveling, playing games, spending joyful time with family and friends, the happiness in the children's faces and the traditional clothes like kimono or yukata so colorful and beautiful, even the geisha with there gorgeous kimono and spiritual lovely make up… and not forget the Sakura is everywhere, honestly I didn't want to leave but I am so grateful. Yeah!

For your next trip to Japan don’t book your ticket on the holiday season and you try visit the festive atmosphere Japan offers such as the Sapporo snow festival or Obon festival of souls.

It was by the far the best experience at The land of rising sun, the palce where everything exceeds your expectations.

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