5 Japanese Must-read Mangas

Japanese Mangas have gained in popularity throughout the world in recent years.

This article introduces some of our most recommended.

Doraemon- Gadget cat from the future (ドラえもん)

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The character “Doraemon” is a robot cat from the future. The story focuses around Doraemon helping Nobita, a hopeless schoolboy, by providing him gadgets from the future. This Manga has been made into a televised anime series, as well as into movies, and has a long mainstay as one of Japan’s most popular mangas. Doraemon’s cute appearance is also popular throughout the world.

Blade of the immortal (無限の住人)

This Manga is set in the Edo period and is known as a “Period Drama or Neo Period Drama”, and is known as one of the most original Manga concepts. There are many bloody battle scenes, as was often the case during this era in real life, but this is also juxtaposed with many stunning pieces of artwork by the manga authors. This is one of the few Manga’s which features Japanese Samurai.

Golgo 13 (ゴルゴ13)

This is an action cartoon depicting the success of the legendary sniper "Duke Togo". Duke Togo is reminiscent of 007 agent James Bond. This Manga is recommended for those who favour the action genre. One of the main distinctive characteristics of the main character is his deep and thick eyebrows.

Monster (モンスター)

Known as one of the most “unputdownable” Mangas! This mystery Manga is set in Germany and the Czech republic, and is popular among non-Japanese readers. We recommend watching the anime as well as the Manga.

NAUSICAA of the valley of the wind (風の谷のナウシカ)

This is a Manga that derives from a studio Ghibli film – the opposite pattern to most Mangas that subsequently become anime. The manga also presents a continuation of the film’s story. It is a Manga which can be enjoyed even by those who have not seen the anime version. We highly recommend visiting the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo, where you can find exhibits featuring this Manga.

Perhaps these Mangas will inspire you to visit to Japan, or have done previously. We hope you enjoy these mangas, their anime counterparts and many more!

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Koki Miyashita

Author & Editor