About us

Samurai Meetups is an NPO non profit organization whose objective is to help Japan become a nation where foreign tourists and visitors can have unforgettable and unique experiences. This is being achieved through creating opportunities where local areas and everyday culture of Japan can be intimately experienced with the ever growing network of specialists in Japanese culture.


✔️ Pictures of beautifully presented cuisine, perfectly sculptured garden, sacred shrine emitting a divine radiance, taken during your visit in Japan could be even further enriched with knowledge of their story that lay in the background? 

✔️ Baffled about why things are done or presented in a certain way at a certain time but do not possess the articulacy in the local language to express it?  

✔️ You’ve always wanted to experience first-hand the true Japanese culture as it has by the locals but have never gotten the chance?  
Join us!
 At Samurai Meetups and satisfy your desire and thirst for knowledge quenched!



We launched a web media specialized in information for foreign visitors to Japan, making use of experience and expertise in planning and providing tours for foreign residents. With our media, experienced Japan travelers and cultural experts provide information catered to the needs of foreign visitors.



“Samurai”, a professional in a certain element of Japanese traditional culture, who provides deep insight and experience with their expertise through our Samurai Meetups Tour. In our Discovery Tour, we take our participants to unexplored regions Japan that you won’t find in tourist guidebooks, and provide experiences with Japanese locals in the areas.


We have set up a booth in Narita International Airport to provide transit tours and tourist information for foreign visitors. Information is provided by Japanese culture experts.






Samurai Meetups is a particularly ideal opportunity for those interested in marketing, media, online commerce, event management, business networking and translation/language. We would be very grateful to hear from all of those interested. If you are interested in our projects, feel free to contact us!





CompanyNPO Samurai Meetups
Chief DirectorKoki Miyashita
AddressSagami Building 2F, 7-13-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo  104-0061